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Why you should not open a food truck : Disadvantages of starting a food truck Update

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Why you should not open a food truck : Disadvantages of starting a food truck. I give you 10 reasons why food trucks fail or could fail when you start. Here are the reasons Why you Should’nt open a food truck .
#foodtruckbusiness #foodtrucks
Damien Verde 10 reasons why you shouldn’t open a food truck. He says there’s always pros and cons to owning a food business. The best thing about the food truck industry is that it’s cheap, he says. Damien has been in the food industry for over 30 years. The weather plays a big role in whether you’re going to be profitable or not.
Food trucks can fluctuate from day to day, and that could make a big problem when you’re trying to be profitably sustainable. The food truck industry is growing at a faster rate than other industries. Food truck business can be a little tricky because of permits and licensing, licensing, confusion, confusion over permits and licenses and different types of business sizes. Profit margin is something that you may not realize it’s not as much as you thought, or because spoilage can offset any profits. Employee turnover is the biggest problem for food truck businesses.
The profit margin may not be as much as you thought it would be, says owner of food truck company. Unprepared events can lead to poor customer service and low sales at a food truck business. If you’re unprepared for an event, that’s a big problem too. Finding employees who are trustworthy is another problem. If you don’t have enough food to feed your customers, you’ll have to pack up and call it a day.
. She says you need to have some food industry experience if you want to be successful. Her advice Get some experience before you even get into it. If you are not up for working at least 12 to 13 hours or 14 hours, she says. If you think that running a food truck is going to put a hundred thousand dollars in your pocket a month, when you first start, you need to think again, or just stick to the job that you’re doing, says food truck owner.
If you’re looking to get rich, either play the lottery or get a six figure paying job, but it’s not going to happen with the food truck. Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t open a food truck business. If these helped you out, understand the pros and the cons of course.

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 New  Why you should not  open a food truck : Disadvantages of starting a food truck
Why you should not open a food truck : Disadvantages of starting a food truck Update New

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