The Hamptons -Butere Kenya (Mwale Medical and Technology City) technology city

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ดังนั้นเราจึงตัดสินใจไปเยี่ยมชมโรงพยาบาล Hamptons ใน Butere Kenya ที่มีการพูดคุยกันมาก Mwale Medical and Technology City เป็นเมืองที่สร้างขึ้นบนพื้นที่ 25,000 เฮกตาร์ เป็นเมืองที่สร้างขึ้นในชนบททางตะวันตกของเคนยา และเป็นหนึ่งในแนวคิดที่ยอดเยี่ยมที่สุดเท่าที่เราเคยเห็นมา

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The Hamptons -Butere Kenya (Mwale Medical and Technology City)
The Hamptons -Butere Kenya (Mwale Medical and Technology City)

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The Hamptons -Butere Kenya (Mwale Medical and Technology City)
technology city
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27 thoughts on “The Hamptons -Butere Kenya (Mwale Medical and Technology City) technology city”

  1. It is one thing to put up structures and incorporate the local people and it is the other to transfer skills. I would have recommended offering quality education to the locals first so that they can integrate seamlessly.

  2. It is either a scam or a white elephant. Their own press said it was 70% complete two years ago. What I see in this video is no more than $2,000,000 dollars in investments. Where are the billion dollar investments they keep talking about?

  3. I am impressed with this great idea, Construction of well-organised villages and a good housing system can be done. What is needed is goodwill and everything gets to happen.
    This is the change we need. If our great grandparents were to resurrect today in Butere they would wish not to go back to their tombs because many good things are available in their village. Please ask yourself this question. If your great-grandfather was to resurrect today, will his spirit wish to stay or dash back to his tomb? Allow people to use their ideas. Tindi Mwale technological hospital has proved to us that the American dream is true. I take this opportunity to congratulate TINDI MWALE AND HIS TECHNOLOGICAL HOSPITAL, This private entity is an eye-opener not only to people from Western Kenya but entire East Africa and Africa at large.

  4. Hey Mr Mwale, you gave me an LPO to deliver some supplies. Till today you've never paid me.
    Then you had the audacity to deliberately give me a bouncing cheque. This seems to be your trend
    I want my money Mr Mwale. Those products I delivered weren't free of charge.
    Your staff, Daniel Knox had the audacity to tell me that I have to talk nicely if I want to be paid!!!
    PAY ME MY MONEY and stop misusing suppliers!!!?

  5. How are you supposed to be a person that is taking people on a tour and you are throwing words like it has beds like whatever,it's called Mwale Medical I guess something like that ? Please get details and facts right for people to take you seriously.

  6. Great video. Not sure if the currency conversion to USD is correct but is 45k 45,000 Kenyan Shillings? Or roughly $415 USD? Anyway, great video, and God Bless.

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    Be sure of the content to be aired otherwise nice piece.

  8. It is upon us African to Build our own , shop our own, cherish our own. Sometimes I feel like crying when one African tries to do something and others put in negativity in it. How was Japan Smart city Built, Or Silicon valley?, they believed in themselves.
    Who taught us that we are not good enough, let's support our own with the little we can(for me I will buy land and invest here ). Mwale medical keep it up, For Pan Africans like me, I will say YES WE CAN.HONGERA.

  9. What went well:
    1/ Loved your thought to just road-trip and let us know whats happening; Great!!
    2/ Took time to ask questions, walk about and show us whats happening
    3/ Good camera work
    What could be improved:
    1/ Get a wind sock for your mic
    2/ Ask targeted questions and if possible after the walk-about sit down with your contact person & have a mini interview of specific questions you've thought about
    3/ Get NHIF as a minimum – are you on your parents? Don"t risk it, just fix it girls!!!
    4/ Get a consistent theme song and make it less distracting
    Overall loved your work and spontaneity; more travel vlogs please.
    I"m subscribing!!! This is great Remmie!!

  10. Poor mentality! You see something and you call it fake!….yet you don't own even a toilet at home !…this place is real….its a real investment and am proud to be part of it!…thanks to the owner of this you tube account for showing the world who we are!


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